Thursday, December 29, 2011

not a Christmas post...

I still have over half of our holiday cards to send out! So, I'm nowhere near getting Christmas blog post(s) ready, but here are some photos from our wonderfully low-key Christmas Eve :-)

loving my blocks from nana

me and my namesake, Clara Stiff
dada is tall!

cozy family walk
(LOVE the Ergo we got recently)

I bought myself a flash for the camera for Christmas (just a low-level speedlite) and love it. Makes inside pics so much sharper.

Anyway, will be back soon with more. Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

my apologies if you're on our card list and I haven't mailed yours out yet... I'll leave the back a surprise for you :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

reading is FUNdamental

true things about december:
1. I have taken almost no pictures of Clara, and consequently haven't blogged much. new year's resolution fodder?
2. people keep coming over and reading to Clara, and she loves it! see?

with scott's dad

with my dad

with my friend pamela 

anyway, hope everyone is having a great Christmas weekend! promise more pics soon.
xoxo, G

Sunday, December 11, 2011

busy, happy days

are my (non-family) readers still here?! sorry I have been so slack on posting.  some more quickie updates...

Clara and Dada have chik-fil-a every week after music class.  she loves her deconstructed grilled chicken sandwich :)
these little curls kill me. so precious.
my mom is including this pic with her Christmas cards. happy girl :)

being sneaky
I love the next two. these were Thanksgiving pics I forgot to include in my Thanksgiving post. so independent in the airport.

Clara has learned how to do SO MUCH in the last couple of weeks:
  • stacking blocks
  • nesting objects
  • putting her cup back in the cupholder in the highchair tray
  • sharing toys with us
  • initiates peek-a-boo
  • waves bye-bye reliably
  • understands how to work (and loves) peek-a-boo books
other randoms:

party-planning is in full-swing for her retro rock-and-roll party in late January.

we got her a nice drum (Remo Kids) and some baby-safe art supplies for Christmas. surprisingly, she hasn't bothered our tree at all.

as soon as I post this, I'm going over to the Breastfeeding page to do an update, so check that out if you're interested.

have a great week!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

better late than never...

So it's taken me an inordinate amount of time to post about our whirlwind Thanksgiving trip to see Scott's family... Here's the skinny:
  • The plane ride there: We brought books, snacks, a small new toy, and a bottle in case Clara was too distracted to latch (supposed to nurse or give a bottle on the way up and down for their ears). It was easy as pie. We decided that we indeed have the perfect child, furthering our resolve to never risk it with another.
  • The plane ride back: In the first five minutes, Clara was screaming, arching, and turning purple. I was so averse to drugging her this time, but next time we may seriously consider Benadryl.
  • Clara met numerous aunts and uncles for the first time. She was generally scared of them. It appears that she doesn't mind crowds at all, but doesn't want any stranger up in her face, in any environment. I think this is fairly common for her age and developmental stage.
  • I was swabbed for explosives at both airports. Apparently they always swab parents who are carrying a baby on their lab.  In Jackson, but not Orlando, they did the vapor test on the breastmilk we had with us.  None of this was a big deal at all, thank goodness.
  • We used the Ergo carrier in the airport instead of a stroller and that was great (freed up our hands).  Button-down shirts were ideal travel attire for the nursing mama.
  • Clara slept in a pack and play for the first time. She slept about 2 hours less per night than she does at home and her naps were generally shorter.  We put the pack and play in a walk-in closet so it would be as dark and quiet as her room at home. Scott kept calling her "Clara Potter" (like Harry Potter in his cupboard).
heading out!

this lady is like "please don't let the baby be on my plane"

the first of many unhappy moments in the rental carseat

this doggie gave me kisses. loved it!

my cousins showed me the ropes on their old toys they gave me :)

mama's favorite picture EVER
sassy and proud

mmmmm Auntie Jane's Thanksgiving meal

meeting the fabled Auntie Jane!

thanks for the cool monkey Uncle Bob!

Happy extremely belated Thanksgiving to everyone! Will be back soon with some videos :)

Monday, November 21, 2011


 a scene from daddy daycare :)

tonight, clara climbed in the dresser drawer and threw out all her clothes. does this mean we have a toddler now? 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the baby's social calendar

Clara has music and swim lessons every week, and has been invited to birthday parties the last three weekends.  At 9.5 months, her social calendar is much fuller than her parents'. Ha.  Here are some pics from last weekend's adventures, and a couple more pics I'm just behind on posting.
heading out to vote with mama and dada. go dems!
(I kind of prefer this in b&w)

toys are boring.
taking mama's pj pants out of the drawer is awesome.

so independent in my new booster seat

at my buddy phoebe's party. this kitty?  dog? bunny is huge!

just watch me phoebe. I have pets at home. I know what to do.

um this isn't soft and furry

George Clooney may think pot-bellied pigs are cool but I find them slightly creepy

cool babies have tattoos

chillin' in the dog-poop-free yard at grandpom's house

uncle jeremy.... when will you learn, even with super fun pine straw to distract me,
I will never let your tower of cups stand.

did you think I wouldn't crawl over there?

Hope everyone's having a great week :-)

Monday, November 7, 2011

report cards for 9 month olds?!

clara (and dada) received this hilarious report card from swimming a couple of weeks ago:

I love that the only two options are "yes" and "improving." ha ha.

things have been hectic and we're behind on picture taking. it's hard to get good pictures of an almost-toddler, as she's always in motion.

best photo op of the week - passed out in the car after music class (still clutching a drumstick)

some random updates:
  • she finally says mama! still doesn't know what mama or dada mean, though.
  • she is suddenly, totally obsessed with books. favorites include: little bee (a finger puppet book), squishy turtle and friends, clifford's first halloween, fuzzy bee and friends, and the very hungry caterpillar.   she has a strange aversion to dr. seuss' ABCs (one of scott's childhood faves).
  • she loves the sound of fallen oak leaves crinkling underfoot.
  • she doesn't understand daylight saving's time and is therefore waking up at 5 am now (at least I get to spend more time with her before work?).
  • she's perfectly capable of holding her own bottle but would much rather you do it.
  • current nicknames include: miss booga, baby bizzle, little biscuit.

thanks for visiting our blog and we hope you have a great week :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I didn't buy Clara a costume since she goes to bed so early - too early to trick or treat - and we didn't have any other Halloween plans. Of course this horrified everyone else, so my mom got her a pumpkin tracksuit (sorry mom, no pics, but it was cute!) and my friend Pamela got her some fairy wings and a pink tutu. Behold, our sassy fairy/kitty/princess:

wings +  toys = joy

fairies in PJs are extra ticklish

Thursday, October 27, 2011

9 months old

 Our sweet girl turned 9 months old today, and celebrated with kindermusik and chik-fil-a [deconstructed grilled chicken sandwich] with dada :)

She is such a blast these days. Eating everything in sight, even weird stuff like feta, pesto and balsamic vinegar. Very close to walking.  Still only saying dada (all the time... see below). Playing independently, which makes me both proud and sad - my baby is almost a toddler.

She now loves to sit in your lap and read books, especially Baby Einstein "Violet Sees - Birds and Nests." Her favorite toys range from a silver rattle, which she drags all over the house, to the Wii controllers/TV remote, to her stuffed Clifford.

I can entertain myself now, Mommy

Her first two teeth came through (together) about a week ago. It was no big deal other than her having a bad runny nose. She goes to the doctor in a couple of weeks for her 9-month checkup and I'll update with her stats then. She's wearing 12-18 months in Carter's and size 3 Pampers.

check out my chompers

She's just figured out how to take off loose pants when she's tired of being in her crib (a hilarious rebellion), and won't tolerate socks. She's learning how to "pet not pull" the pets' fur, and reportedly is now "petting" other babies' hair in her music class.

Finally, Grandma Swafford has requested some videos of Clara's vocalizations, so here you go :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

month 9 photodump

Clara is about to turn 9 months old and is doing all kinds of awesome stuff (and has two teeth!)... I'll do a substantive update later this week. For now, hope you enjoy these recent pics :)
blocks, toy car? no thanks.
I'd rather play with my carrier's strap.

why don't you get lost Mommy so I can pull this lamp down?

who, me?

Daddy they are having some good sales on milk and toys today...

spicy veggie spaghetti - mmmmm!


veggie burger with pickles. double mmmmmmmmmm!