Monday, November 7, 2011

report cards for 9 month olds?!

clara (and dada) received this hilarious report card from swimming a couple of weeks ago:

I love that the only two options are "yes" and "improving." ha ha.

things have been hectic and we're behind on picture taking. it's hard to get good pictures of an almost-toddler, as she's always in motion.

best photo op of the week - passed out in the car after music class (still clutching a drumstick)

some random updates:
  • she finally says mama! still doesn't know what mama or dada mean, though.
  • she is suddenly, totally obsessed with books. favorites include: little bee (a finger puppet book), squishy turtle and friends, clifford's first halloween, fuzzy bee and friends, and the very hungry caterpillar.   she has a strange aversion to dr. seuss' ABCs (one of scott's childhood faves).
  • she loves the sound of fallen oak leaves crinkling underfoot.
  • she doesn't understand daylight saving's time and is therefore waking up at 5 am now (at least I get to spend more time with her before work?).
  • she's perfectly capable of holding her own bottle but would much rather you do it.
  • current nicknames include: miss booga, baby bizzle, little biscuit.

thanks for visiting our blog and we hope you have a great week :)


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious that Clara (and your husband!) got report cards! I would be so offended if I got an "Improving" in my infant's swim class. :)

So cute!

Lesley said...

Those look like pretty tough tasks! And I agree with Mara that it is hilarious that parents also get graded. Music class??? So cool! She is darling.

Clara said...

i see they spelled her name wrong (i have long suffered that fate! i answer to clare and carla and have watched people spell my name incorrectly as i spell it for them, ooh or insist i said my name wrong when they call me clare repeatedly!) maybe they need a report card ;)

that tricycle is a tricycoo by joovy! check my blog this week for a whole post about it (and other things i LOVE!)