Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I didn't buy Clara a costume since she goes to bed so early - too early to trick or treat - and we didn't have any other Halloween plans. Of course this horrified everyone else, so my mom got her a pumpkin tracksuit (sorry mom, no pics, but it was cute!) and my friend Pamela got her some fairy wings and a pink tutu. Behold, our sassy fairy/kitty/princess:

wings +  toys = joy

fairies in PJs are extra ticklish


Littlest True Blue said...

extra ticklish...and extra cute!! love the mish-mash of costumes!

FirstTimeMom said...

awww how cute is she!? I love the wings!

Lesley said...

Just catching up-- I lover her tickly face! And I enjoyed listening to her babble. Penelope is doing the same thing these days, and it was interesting to see the little differences. A few posts back-- what is that baby carrier? P is like a stuffed sausage in her outgrown baby bjorn! And we need something new that allows her to look outwards.

Ginger said...


the carrier is a Belle. she, at 20 lbs, still fits in it well, but she seems much more comfortable facing me than facing out. I think we're going to get a back carrier of some sort soon. LOL about the stuffed sausage!

Sandra said...

Ok, she's completely edible. I just felt my uterus throb!