Monday, October 24, 2011

month 9 photodump

Clara is about to turn 9 months old and is doing all kinds of awesome stuff (and has two teeth!)... I'll do a substantive update later this week. For now, hope you enjoy these recent pics :)
blocks, toy car? no thanks.
I'd rather play with my carrier's strap.

why don't you get lost Mommy so I can pull this lamp down?

who, me?

Daddy they are having some good sales on milk and toys today...

spicy veggie spaghetti - mmmmm!


veggie burger with pickles. double mmmmmmmmmm!


Samantha said...

9 months already?!?! Truitt HATES pickles! What kid hates pickles AND pancakes?

Anonymous said...

Look at her! I have to say I'm impressed by everything Clara eats. Henry refuses to feed himself and pretty much hates everything besides peas and sweet potatoes. The kid barfs in protest every time I've given him cauliflower, I can't imagine him a) actually eating a pickle and b) not puking it back up.

Lisa Blair said...

Her outfits are so cute! We are looking forward to see y'all this weekend.

Ginger said...

she loves pickles... she'll suck all the flesh off and just give you back the peel. lol :)