about us

Thanks for visiting our blog! Ginger is a lawyer, an amateur gardener and craftster, and a vegetarian who doesn't eat tofu. Scott is a very well-educated stay-at-home-dad who enjoys golf and reading science fiction in his rare free time.
We're usually more the t-shirt type...
Married in 2007, we welcomed Clara Elizabeth in January 2011 after a bout with infertility. Clara joined our fur-babies Otis (RIP), Bailey and Gracie. We also have three fish in a pond in the backyard that Scott and our friend Matt dug one hot summer day. It's true what they say: goldfish = unkillable.

Clara, circa 4 months old

Otis (RIP 2012)
Bailey aka Belly
We have a funky old house that's in a constant state of renovation (the nice word for repair, ha ha). We're city dwellers and proud of it.  
Our humble abode

The veggie garden
We love nature, movies, music, cooking, enjoying a nice glass of wine or a steaming cup of coffee with good friends, New Orleans, the beach (even though we all look like Powder), folk art, and progressive politics. Come back and see us soon!

Current Faves (updated 3/12):
Scott - Shiner Bock, Community Coffee Dark Roast, March Madness, The Rachel Maddow Show, Gold Rush
Ginger - Malbec, Thin Mints, CSI, The Rachel Maddow Show, purple nail-polish
Clara - milk, her pink car, Dada, the cats, dogs in the 'hood, squirrels, blueberries, french toast