Monday, October 28, 2013

bouncy castle madness!

there is a new childhood epidemic... the upscale bouncy castle. we've encountered 2 within 3 days time, neither being expected. 

at least when the above video was taken (at the daycare's fall festival), I didn't have to get in. not so lucky at the zoo... (they also had a magician. and country music. it was a weird day at the zoo.) 

I'm pretty sure my brother took this just so he could mock me later.  it's a little remniscent of a wrestling move, no?

I wasn't planning to take my shoes off at the zoo...

the giant smiles were worth it, though. 

now onto much more exciting and grown-up things...
it's Halloween! time to play hide-the-zombie-arm!

Monday, October 14, 2013

parent-teacher conference + state fair

Today we met with Clara's daycare teacher for her 2-year-old assessment. She had a single-spaced two-page list of milestones to discuss. She said Clara is "very smart," "very sweet," "very dramatic" and has a great imagination. The only thing she's lagging on is potty training, but we haven't really been pushing it.

Hilariously, Clara is the Hermione of her class. She eagerly answers all the questions while the other kids are "in the back kicking each other" (to be fair, she is one of the oldest).

But she likes non-academic pursuits, too. Behold, the State Fair:

a $2 bag of carrot slices = big fun

Still planning to get back to regular blogging someday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Toddler treehugger

Clara is really into nature, which delights me, being a covert treehugger. She likes to dig for worms. She likes to sniff flowers and herbs in our garden. The last few days, she's wanted to sit in the grass or walk around the neighborhood to "talk about trees" or "talk about plants." She will listen intently and retain a surprising amount of knowledge. She is particularly adept at identifying flowers (she is borderline obsessed with azaleas), though sometimes she'll get them mixed up based on color (for awhile, she thought all yellow flowers were daffodils).

She also has a beloved Fancy Nancy book about Earth Day, so the concept wasn't new to her when we mentioned planting a tree (a chaste tree) to celebrate.

great mysteries of the world: how were the pyramids built without modern machinery?
how was this big hole dug with a spoon-sized shovel?

Afterward, she wanted to water the tree.

The next day, she asked to plant another tree. If only we had infinite space and money, baby girl!

Here are some Earth Day-related posts from my old gardening blog:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter recap

We spent Easter at my mom's house. It was nice and low-key. The only three entrants into my family's annual egg contest were me, Scott and Clara. Clara recognized Scott's egg as a tiger but was adamant that my Pete the Cat is a monster. I got her wooden egg at Michael's - she colored it, directed where the googly eyes should be glued, then painted it. (I sealed it with Modge Podge.) She was very secretive and serious about the process! We will have some real competition in the future, I think.

super secretive egg decorating (this was taken from way across the room,
and she was still wary of me spying on her)

See lots of old egg entries here.

The green overalls are a beloved hand-me-down given to Clara by Scott's cousin Kimberly. We didn't get any family shots this year because I was having a wardrobe crisis and, well, Scott doesn't like pictures. But, here are some shots of the girl.

"I'm flying!!"

Lots o fun with Uncle Jer

On the way over there, I mentioned something about bunny cake (an Easter tradition) and she said "I love bunny cake!!" Of course, we laughed because she'd never had bunny cake, but that has since been remedied and she's either a good guesser or a baby psychic. She definitely loves bunny cake.

"I'm hiding!"