Thursday, October 27, 2011

9 months old

 Our sweet girl turned 9 months old today, and celebrated with kindermusik and chik-fil-a [deconstructed grilled chicken sandwich] with dada :)

She is such a blast these days. Eating everything in sight, even weird stuff like feta, pesto and balsamic vinegar. Very close to walking.  Still only saying dada (all the time... see below). Playing independently, which makes me both proud and sad - my baby is almost a toddler.

She now loves to sit in your lap and read books, especially Baby Einstein "Violet Sees - Birds and Nests." Her favorite toys range from a silver rattle, which she drags all over the house, to the Wii controllers/TV remote, to her stuffed Clifford.

I can entertain myself now, Mommy

Her first two teeth came through (together) about a week ago. It was no big deal other than her having a bad runny nose. She goes to the doctor in a couple of weeks for her 9-month checkup and I'll update with her stats then. She's wearing 12-18 months in Carter's and size 3 Pampers.

check out my chompers

She's just figured out how to take off loose pants when she's tired of being in her crib (a hilarious rebellion), and won't tolerate socks. She's learning how to "pet not pull" the pets' fur, and reportedly is now "petting" other babies' hair in her music class.

Finally, Grandma Swafford has requested some videos of Clara's vocalizations, so here you go :)


FirstTimeMom said...

happy 9 months!! She is oh so cute!!

Megan said...

She's such a cutie! My little one is also very intolerant of socks. For times when you do need to keep those little toes covered, I highly recommend robeez shoes. Yes, they're pricey, but they stay put and are resistant to being pulled off.

Samantha said...

What a beauty!!! Happy 9 months! Love the toothies :)