Tuesday, December 6, 2011

better late than never...

So it's taken me an inordinate amount of time to post about our whirlwind Thanksgiving trip to see Scott's family... Here's the skinny:
  • The plane ride there: We brought books, snacks, a small new toy, and a bottle in case Clara was too distracted to latch (supposed to nurse or give a bottle on the way up and down for their ears). It was easy as pie. We decided that we indeed have the perfect child, furthering our resolve to never risk it with another.
  • The plane ride back: In the first five minutes, Clara was screaming, arching, and turning purple. I was so averse to drugging her this time, but next time we may seriously consider Benadryl.
  • Clara met numerous aunts and uncles for the first time. She was generally scared of them. It appears that she doesn't mind crowds at all, but doesn't want any stranger up in her face, in any environment. I think this is fairly common for her age and developmental stage.
  • I was swabbed for explosives at both airports. Apparently they always swab parents who are carrying a baby on their lab.  In Jackson, but not Orlando, they did the vapor test on the breastmilk we had with us.  None of this was a big deal at all, thank goodness.
  • We used the Ergo carrier in the airport instead of a stroller and that was great (freed up our hands).  Button-down shirts were ideal travel attire for the nursing mama.
  • Clara slept in a pack and play for the first time. She slept about 2 hours less per night than she does at home and her naps were generally shorter.  We put the pack and play in a walk-in closet so it would be as dark and quiet as her room at home. Scott kept calling her "Clara Potter" (like Harry Potter in his cupboard).
heading out!

this lady is like "please don't let the baby be on my plane"

the first of many unhappy moments in the rental carseat

this doggie gave me kisses. loved it!

my cousins showed me the ropes on their old toys they gave me :)

mama's favorite picture EVER
sassy and proud

mmmmm Auntie Jane's Thanksgiving meal

meeting the fabled Auntie Jane!

thanks for the cool monkey Uncle Bob!

Happy extremely belated Thanksgiving to everyone! Will be back soon with some videos :)


Lindsay said...

I LOVE the owl jumper!! She's looking like such a big girl. I'm glad the trip went to well. :)

Rosemarie said...

So super cute!