Friday, December 23, 2011

reading is FUNdamental

true things about december:
1. I have taken almost no pictures of Clara, and consequently haven't blogged much. new year's resolution fodder?
2. people keep coming over and reading to Clara, and she loves it! see?

with scott's dad

with my dad

with my friend pamela 

anyway, hope everyone is having a great Christmas weekend! promise more pics soon.
xoxo, G


Rosemarie said...

Reading to your baby is so important! I've been reading to Wesley since before he could hold himself up - just rocking in the rocker - and by the time he was 10 months, he already had favorite books and enough attention span to sit on your lap and listen. Now he's a pro. Keep on reading to your little one and have a wonderful Christmas!

Samantha said...

Truitt will not sit still! I try to read to him daily but he just steals the book and runs away. Hopefully he will learn to let me!

Merry Christmas!