Sunday, July 3, 2011

Clara's First Museum, Trip to the Park and Overalls

There is still one more day to go of this holiday weekend, and it's already been filled with new adventures for Clara. Yesterday, we took her to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science -- her first ever museum.
She loved the aquariums.

Dinosaurs interested her as well.

 They have a cool frog exhibit going on right now.

Checking out clawed frogs with Daddy

Calling frogs to hear their unique songs
Not too interested in Mommy's prize-winning photo!
Today, we met our friends the Thurmans at a great, free park about a mile from our home. It was unbelievably hot even mid-morning (the heat index here today is 105... I am ready to move to Alaska now), but we still had a good time. Clara and our friends' daughter Riley were slathered in my favorite natural sunscreen (California Baby SPF 30), and they didn't seem to mind the heat as much as we adults did. 

First ever time in a swing

I liked it!
(Cool insert is a Hugga-Bebe)

Another recent first? Overalls, courtesy of Uncles Bob and Jon!

Playing blocks with Daddy

Up for the 4th: Clara's first picnic.   Happy Independence Day, y'all! 


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Cute cute cute! My little girls wore Oshkosh overalls until they were probably 3. The oldest just decided to have her wedding at the Living Museum where you can see all the exhibits. Never know what seeds you plant in their minds at a young age.
I remember that photo. Nice to see your photo.

Samantha said...

We took Truitt to Cabelas (sporting goods store) and they have a huge fresh water aquarium and he was in awe! Your daughter is so stinking cute and way to go on the picture!!!