Saturday, July 23, 2011

What really matters

Scott is playing in a poker tournament out of town this weekend, so Clara and I are enjoying some girly bonding time! I was planning to take a lot of photos this weekend and did so...until I had a complete camera meltdown this afternoon. %^%$#$*(!        I've never loved my camera (a Canon Powershot SX20 IS) because while it took DSLR-quality photos in bright natural light, lower-light photos were pretty dismal. And it was slow.  I don't know if the issue I experienced today is really a problem with the camera or just the memory card, but I found someone else online who'd experienced the exact same (very strange and specific) problem with the same camera, so I'm going with this being the camera's fault and upgrading to a DSLR (the only upside to permanently losing a ton of photos - sigh).
Toys are lame. Give me your magazine.
Luckily, I also took these cell phone photos today to send to Scott, so the weekend is still documented somewhat. 
How about a little less picture-taking and
a lot more Yum-Yums?
Having Clara has changed me for the better. I check my emotions when I'm around her, as I don't want her adopting my anxiety. Instead of yelling at the dog when he's being annoying, I lower my voice. Instead of totally flipping out about this camera issue in front of her, I stepped back and thought about what really matters. And that, of course, is not taking photos of the time we spend together, but the act of spending time together itself.
Hi Daddy! Win some money so you can
buy me lots of toys and Yum-Yums!


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Interesting observation about your change in motherhood. Good for you!

cindy/mom said...

I couldn't he;p but notice that Clara was wearing the 12 month green and white legings and purple shirt and filling them out rather well!! So cute.

Littlest True Blue said...

She's very cute! I need to start checking myself for swearing now that the baby is here! I don't want her first word to be "oh sh&$!!!!