Friday, February 17, 2012

thank you, and catching up

thanks for y'all's kind words about the loss of our dog.  we have even gotten nice cards in the mail from friends, family, and Otis' vet - which says a lot about Otis and our friends, family and vet.

I haven't taken a lot of (good) photos of Clara lately, but need to post what I have taken before she turns 5 or something, so here goes:

clara continues to love outside and to
be oblivious to temperature

fuzzy photo... too cute not to keep


reading The Little Kitten with Grandpom

my friend Zylavian gave C this highly annoying awesome
microphone for her bday

C's unofficial godparents Pamela and Bud gave her a KINDLE for her bday!!

she even wants the "awesome" microphone at meals....

"too busy for photos, Mama"

will do a more substantive update soon. have a great weekend!


Lesley said...

Very cute... and I love the upholstery on your chair and ottoman!

Ginger said...

thanks girl! ottoman is in domino green from bassett. CRAZY chair is in robert allen kiki pinata