Sunday, February 5, 2012

tales from the (real) zoo

after clara's shots on monday, she slept for about 18 of the next 24 hours. the rest of the week was more eventful, with swimming and music classes, and trips to the children's museum and zoo (pics in a sec).  her doctor called thursday to let me know that she appears to have a small virus based on slightly elevated white blood cells. she's had a runny nose, so this wasn't surprising. the doc said it wasn't anything to worry about as long as clara doesn't get worse, and she seems to already be on the mend.  clara is also very slightly anemic (10.8 - 11+ is normal). this is not a huge shock either since clara is breastfed and we don't give her many fortified baby foods (we don't eat much processed food). the doc said we should be able to get it up through diet alone, and suggested lots of eggs and beans.  so the lucky baby is now having omelets for breakfast every day :)

we went to the zoo today and clara had a great time. her being able to walk now and taking her little car instead of the stroller seemed to really increase the fun quotient. her clear favorites were the otters and flamingos:

hi, otter!!

look, mama!  can I have one for our fish pond at home?

hey dada, we have a membership so we can come see the flamingos every day week!

{in awe}

on a completely unrelated note, thought some of you mamas who read the blog might be interested in one of clara's birthday presents (from us) - a custom board book from pint size productions (google for a coupon).  we, and she, love it!

have a great week!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I can't believe she's already 1!! She is so big and so cute. Looks like she loved the zoo. What a cute book, wish I would've seen those a few years ago when we had littler ones in our family.

Lisa Blair said...

I love her posing with the otters! How cute! That family book is such a great idea. I may steal that idea for my nephews' birthdays.

Lesley said...

We're taking P to the zoo for her first birthday. I can't wait for her response! And I love the board book idea. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love her book! What a cute idea!!!

The zoo sounds so fun - we should take Henry. It seems like not the greatest idea in the winter (here, anyway), but it really hasn't been that cold. Thanks for the inspiration!