Saturday, February 25, 2012

fun times

We celebrate holidays year-round here... valentine's PJs and an Easter basket in late Feb.?  Why not?!
{screeching like a madwoman}

Uncle Jeremy came to visit... he's so much fun :D

 Clara is still a pretty good eater. Of this plate of kidney beans, oranges and brie, she liked everything but the brie. (Wait... is this really my child?? Oh well, more for me!)
 The cyclone bowl... not QUITE toddler proof, but better than an open bowl.
This is one of my favorite pics of her ever:
 She drinks her  (frozen breast-) milk from a sippy now! 

First busted lip... she didn't cry long and seems to have totally forgotten it now. My little Angelina Jolie.

Will be back soon with a video and some "milky matters."  Have a great rest of the weekend!


Lesley said...

These are such great photos-- and I love her stylish khakis! Where did you get those?

Ginger said...

Thanks! Pants are from GAP, though not super recently. I like them because they are partially elasticized, unlike many of their pants.