Wednesday, January 4, 2012

lots o' updates and a few pics

  • Scott and I have started running (see our widgets to the right). It's been a few years since he's run regularly; I've never exercised much, despite some pretty serious health issues that would really benefit from it.  I've just never enjoyed it, but now that I have Clara to think about, I want to suck it up and get in shape so I have the energy to keep up with her! Plus, it will instill good habits in her early on to see us exercise and eventually get involved herself.  Scott is doing some of his running with her in the BOB stroller. Now THAT is a workout!
    don't worry Mom, I didn't get mugged
  • I'm also trying to force myself to have a little bit of a life outside the baby. This is hard for me since I work all the time and really don't get to spend much time with her, but I know it's important. For Scott's birthday last week, we went to dinner and my friend from work Brandi babysat Clara. Brandi has 2 kids and I trust her 100%, but I was worried Clara would freak out being left with a "stranger" (she'd previously only been babysat by my mom).  Well, she did perfectly fine and we had a nice dinner. Totally worried for nothing.  Just a couple of days later, Brandi and I went to a local art studio called Easely Amused, which is kind of like paint-by-numbers for grown-ups, with alcohol. It was a blast, and not just because of the pitcher of chocolate martinis Scott sent with us!  That was the first time I hadn't put Clara to bed in many months, but we all survived, obviously :)
  • Clara is now 11 months old. She's staying up a little later, usually til about 7:30, and sleeping til about 7 am.  She still takes 2 naps. She nurses twice a day and has about 1.5 bottles during the day, plus assorted solids. She's cutting down on her milk intake so much that I'm starting to think I will have to donate milk before it spoils (after 12 months in the deep freeze - but we have more than 2000 ounces I believe).  She'll probably have enough breastmilk to last her until she's nearly 2, which is crazy, but awesome!
  • At 11 months, her favorite food is mandarin oranges (Sundia brand in the fresh section). She is obsessed with books and our cats.  She's not walking yet but can stand up for awhile without holding on to anything and can stand up from sitting now.
  • Her bday party is going to be rock and roll themed and I cannot WAIT to post all about it!
  • sharing blocks with Bailey (who is less than amused)
    yes, I'm this happy even with a busted nose
    my first Christmas ornament! (from Little Sapling @ etsy)
I like expensive handmade things like mommy

Happy New Year everyone!


Samantha said...

Way to go on the running! I'm deifnitely ready to start getting into shape now that I've lose 20lbs. I have a lot more to lose but it was the push to get me exercising!

Love the pictures as always and I cannot wait to hear all about the party. Truitt LOVES those cutie oranges! He will eat the whole thing although I try to limit him to 1/2 of one!

Lesley said...

Your painting expedition sounds like a ton of fun, and the widget is a great idea to stay motivated for running. i need to get back to doing that....

The ornament is adorable.

Pamela N. said...

You ARE such a hot mommy! Looking like a ski-bunny in your outfit. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us to get out there and get in shape!!! Love the widgets...