Monday, January 23, 2012

AWESOME children's museum

we recently visited the new Mississippi Children's Museum for the first time. It's a little pricey (though memberships are a good deal - we're going to get one), and of course most of the exhibits are geared to older kids.... but it was still AWESOME and Clara had so much fun!

the nail-biting excitement of racing cars
{and yes, dada wore a "Life is Crap" shirt to a kids' museum. lol}

dada: Clara, this is a cow. this is where your milk
will come from.... uh, eventually  :-) 
learning useful skills like putting up siding

hey, what's my name doing here??

mama, the king is creepy. can we play Scrabble again?

dancin' like Frankenstein

they have laundry here??!! oh em gee!

play farmer's market = my favorite thing ever
(except cats... and dada... and oranges)

dada can you show me those breakdancing moves again?

in other news, Clara's birthday is this week!!!!!! I am so sad! but, also thankful for our amazing daughter and how healthy she's been and how fun she is at this age.

have a great week, y'all!


Littlest True Blue said...

what a great museum! looks so fun! Can't believe Clara is turning one so soon! Toddlers are the best though! Its bittersweet watching them grow! Life certainly isn't crap!!! ha ha !nice shirt dada!

Anonymous said...

Clara is so cute, and I can't believe she is one either (like I can't believe Henry is almost one)! That Children's museum looks great - you gave me a great idea for this weekend. :)

Happy birthday Clara!