Monday, May 14, 2012

while I ponder, time Marches on

suddenly it is mid-May... been almost a month since I last posted (the hard-to-write "working mom" post), and I have pictures going back to mid-March floundering in Picasa. Clara looks entirely different now. her hair is longer, thicker and curlier. she's visibly stretched upwards in the last month like she's been put on one of those medieval torture devices. everything except her growth is static. work, the house, my health - going along with the motions while I wait to win the lottery or something.

my laughing, smiling beacon in the night keeps shining, though, inspiring me everyday to do better for myself, our family and the world. I'll be catching up on photos over the next week or so, detailing her 15 month stats, telling hilarious stories involving zombies and babies, and more. so look for a lot more action on the Zoo starting now, starting with March wrap-up pics:

I'll just climb in and inspect the dirt, ok?
Mama, no more pictures, I'm trying to concentrate

dressed by Dada.  hyper when Mama gets home.

out of Goldfish? nooooooo

you expect me to climb through this for water?

hey! how do I get back to the top?

not scared of heights (Mama taking pic while gripping the rail)

hmmm something is off...

only babies ride in cars

feeding the fish 10x what they need

move, Dada

mmmmm Indian food

rice is tricky

she's so much more steady and less Frankenstein-esque with her walking now that it's funny to look back on this video from the end of March. it's insane how fast she changes and grows.

have a good week!

ps.  if you don't already know, Jen of Maybe If You Just Relax lost her daughter Ainsley over the weekend. this little girl's fight was inspirational, and her loving parents had already lost her twin at birth 16 months ago. if you are so inclined to offer condolences, here is their website.


Stephanie said...

Great pictures, she is just so cute! I had heard about Jen...awful, sad story.

Elise said...

Finally! :)

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Love the pictures! Especially the one of her pushing the car!

I cannot imagine Henry eating Indian food. Right now he eats: fruit cocktail, bananas, puffs, spaghetti Os, macaroni and cheese and pancakes.

- Mara from Barfing Rainbows (can't get logged in)

Ginger said...

Mara - she's not real picky, though if given a choice she'll usually choose something bad like french fries instead of something good like fruit :)
people are often shocked at some of the things she eats (like feta, balsamic vinegar). our strategy since we started baby led weaning at 6 mos old was to give her everything we eat, except for super spicy stuff. we tell her she doesn't have to like it, she just has to try it. sometimes she doesn't want to try it, but often after she does, she likes it a lot! I think most babies just aren't ever exposed to some of the things she eats.

Ginger said...

also- I attribute it in part to her being exposed to those flavors from what I eat (in utero and then through breastmilk)

Lesley said...

What a doll!!! I love her outfits, too.