Thursday, May 31, 2012

splash park video + new design

there are a few splash parks in town, but we're partial to the one at the Mississippi  Museum of Art because that's where we got married.  luckily, Clara loves it too :)

in other news... let me know if the new design/template is working ok for you. I've only tested it on my little laptop screen at home so there may be kinks to work out.

TGIT - one more day til the weekend!

2 comments: said...

The new blog looks great. No problem opening it. I still get the comcast email notification of a new posting. The video was so cute -- can't believe she didn't cry with the H20in the face. Looking forward to Destin!

Lisa Blair said...

I love your title bar! So cute. That is a great photo of you and Clara.

I wish we had a splash park here in Oxford. They need to build one somewhere.