Monday, April 16, 2012

the difference a year makes

Mirror Lake, April 2011

{duck nipped her toe moments later... looked like bread?}

Mirror Lake, April 2012

{fell and busted her nose... not too worried about it}

{new Picasa pencil drawing filter}

Carrot harvest, April 2011

{my old blog header}

Carrot Harvest, April 2012

{carrot ninja}

sorry for my absence of is crazy. will be back to catch up soon!


Lesley said...

I love these contrasts! I have to say that toddlerhood is so much fun! Now Clara can actually appreciate carrots and ducks!

Samantha said...

WOW!!! She is so beautiful and I Love your fun carseat print!!!

Ginger said...

Lesley- totally agree. I couldn't have imagined a year ago that she would be so much more fun and engaging now (I thought she was facsinating then!). It's just totally different, and amazing! I sure couldn't get her to sit still and pose with the carrot this year, though :)

Samantha - aww thanks! I totally bought that carseat because of the print :) it was $10 more than the previous year's design, but whatever!