Tuesday, September 6, 2011


At seven months old, and with her Chattanooga grandparents in town, Clara learned to crawl this weekend! I was in the kitchen washing pump parts (%^&$!^^* - the one thing I won't miss about nursing when I'm done) when she first did it.  A minute later, giving me time to get the video camera ready, she did it again:

More pics from the weekend soon... Hope y'all have a great (short) week :-)


Samantha said...

Yaaaaaaaay! BIG GIRL!!! I love how she's going for the phone. I'm having to fight Truitt off of the computer as I type this even though he's surrounded by toys!!!

Lesley said...

Wow!!! So cute! Penelope is SO far from doing that, and she'll be 7 months on Fri. Are you scared?? I would be. Now there's a whole new dimension to this parenthood thing. I'm kinda hoping Penelope holds off on becoming mobile. :)

Ginger said...

Lesley, Scott has been pushing the crawling and he's the one who will have to deal with the
"repurcussions" since he's home with her all day! Ha ha! If I was a SAHM, I'd be freaking out :)

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

GAH! Love it! B has started finally crawling on his hands and knees...but whenever I break out the camera he goes back to his army scoot. I want some fun video like yours! :)

Lindsay said...

To stinkin cute! I love that the phone was her motivation, ha! :)