Thursday, September 29, 2011

8 and 33

This week Clara turned 8 months old and I turned 33 years old.  At 8 months, Clara is crawling and clapping all the time, and starting to pull up and wave.  She's a bit shy around strangers at first.  She loves sliced banana, mama's homemade pizza, and organic whole grain waffles with a bit of maple syrup.  She's using a straw sippy for water and diluted juice.  Every time and age that passes with us thinking she can't possibly get any more delightful, she does :-)

Showing off her clapping skills (while eating bananas - she's multi-talented):

Chasing the kitty all over. Baby: 0, Kitty: 1.  (Warning: This video is only for relatives who infrequently see the baby and can afford to waste a few minutes of their life on this.)

On my birthday, I had to work and then Scott had class that night. Exotic, huh? Well, at least I got all these (and a few more) awesome cards and presents...

Clara's fingerprint cast in sterling w/birthstone
(Jane Wear @ Etsy)

Clara is so advanced.

And a pizza party at work (I love pizza)... and then a couple of hours after the pizza party, I was summoned to the conference room and saw:

I was so happy! It's rare I get to see my girl in the middle of the work day.  Thanks a ton to Scott and my gnomey Pamela for making that happen!

Baby girl is so big! Will I even be able to lift her on my next birthday??

Have a great weekend, y'all :-)


Samantha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! she wearing skinny jeans?! THOSE ARE THE CUTEST THINGS EVER! You always say T is advanced and while he may be on those gross motor skills Clara is rocking the clapping! I don't think I've EVER heard of an 8month old already clapping!!! I try SO hard to get T to clap and wave and he could care less... maybe if I quit trying he will do it?

Lesley said...

Happy birthday! The crawling is adorable. I really hope that Penelope crawls at some point!

Ginger said...

Thanks ladies!

Samantha - they are JEGGINGS! isn't that hilarious? it's just a Carter's brand outfit, nothing fancy. about the clapping: she started it last weekend and does it all the time now (when she's happy and sitting still). We thought it was a fluke the first time bc it seemed early, though I wasn't sure when is normal for babies to clap. we weren't TRYING to get her to do it so maybe that is the trick?? who knows :-)

Lesley - crawling babes are so cute... but if P waits til she can walk, maybe you'll have a couple more months of freedom before you have to start chasing her around. ha.

Cindy/mom said...

I loved the way she traversed the maze of table and chair legs, sat up and never hit her head!! That little butt in gear is so cute -- and talk about goal motivated determination. Bailey, Gracie and poor geriatric Otis need to watch out!!

Cindy/mom said...

Uncle Don T just watched "Clarlibeth" try to catch up Bailey. He just smiled and chuckled! I told him that his role modeling how to crawl over Labor Day must have helped. Don said it will be much more exciting the next time we see her!

Dirt Princess said...

That necklace is completely awesome!! I will have to check her out. Love that you had such an amazing brithday. I am guessing that next year on 34 you will not be able to pick her up. Love the new background...very clean fresh and simple....i'm headed more in the direction. Have a good week

Megan said...

Happy Birthday to you! It sounds like you had a wonderful day, and that everyone made an effort to make it special for you!

Baby Clara is too cute! I'm envious of her sippy straw 13 months, mine still isn't too great with a sippy. (she likes the breastmilk too much!)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday!!! There is nothing more exciting than having your baby surprise you at work. It's such an awesome break in the day. And I LOVE showing her off... :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!! That is so awesome that Scott and Clara surprised you at work - I would LOVE that. It sounds like you had a great day!

I got some hand me down jeggings from a friend with twin girls. I figured, hey, they're jeans, who cares? Yeah, they looked hilarious on a boy, especially with his buddha belly.