Monday, October 14, 2013

parent-teacher conference + state fair

Today we met with Clara's daycare teacher for her 2-year-old assessment. She had a single-spaced two-page list of milestones to discuss. She said Clara is "very smart," "very sweet," "very dramatic" and has a great imagination. The only thing she's lagging on is potty training, but we haven't really been pushing it.

Hilariously, Clara is the Hermione of her class. She eagerly answers all the questions while the other kids are "in the back kicking each other" (to be fair, she is one of the oldest).

But she likes non-academic pursuits, too. Behold, the State Fair:

a $2 bag of carrot slices = big fun

Still planning to get back to regular blogging someday!


Lesley said...

Great to get an update! Clara is getting so big-- and pretty as ever. In the UK and Sweden, three is considered a normal age for potty training, although some kids are ready earlier. Penelope's more than halfway there, but we aren't doing anything traumatic yet, to finish the process, either!

caws432 said...

Yeah! A blog!! Loved the recent pics. Looks like she is having a blast.

Lisa Blair said...

A single-spaced two-page list! Woah! I love her pretty blonde curls.

Elise said...


Love the new family pic! Ya'll are adorable!