Monday, October 28, 2013

bouncy castle madness!

there is a new childhood epidemic... the upscale bouncy castle. we've encountered 2 within 3 days time, neither being expected. 

at least when the above video was taken (at the daycare's fall festival), I didn't have to get in. not so lucky at the zoo... (they also had a magician. and country music. it was a weird day at the zoo.) 

I'm pretty sure my brother took this just so he could mock me later.  it's a little remniscent of a wrestling move, no?

I wasn't planning to take my shoes off at the zoo...

the giant smiles were worth it, though. 

now onto much more exciting and grown-up things...
it's Halloween! time to play hide-the-zombie-arm!


Lisa Blair said...

Did Scott hide the zombie arm for you to find? Or did you hide it to frighten him?

Ginger said...

He did, but in retaliation for me hiding it in his work bag first :)

Elise said...

I was not so lucky as you at daycare... D cried and cried to go down the slide, so I took him. When we got to the top, he freaked out and screamed bloody murder until we finished sliding- acted totally terrified. Then he cried to go down the slide again... Ah, toddlerhood.

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