Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a moving target

I don't think the iPhone camera (at least the iPhone 4 camera) is optimized for fast-moving toddlers, but it's a handy tool for memorializing unexpected, funny, fleeting moments (quality of the pictures aside). A few of such moments from recent weeks:
loves the space encyclopedia uncle jer gave her
(and we are horrified at how much science we've forgotten since school days)

pizza for the owls

she's into picking out her clothes now, and will sometimes say "I'm so stylish!"

fave dino shirt
(when daddy works late, we send him a night-night pic)

(plain, organic, whole milk) yogurt w/local honey

real pics soon + new header and some back-story about the 5 months since I quit my job without a plan and started living again.


Lesley said...

She's so cute!! Penelope also loves to feed her animals and eat yogurt+honey... :) I'm looking forward to the full story. Quitting sounds like a way more exciting step than taking on MORE responsibilities-- maybe I'm just lazy. But I guess taking on more responsibility now will just make quitting later that much sweeter. :) P.s. It's Scotland.

Lisa Blair said...

I love Clara's curly hair! She looks so happy. I'm so glad that you are happier with your work life, too!

Elise said...

She really should be a child model. Pretty just like her mama! I saw a commercial last night with a toddler who looked like Clara. I meant to remember to tell you, but now I can't remember what commercial... Dadgum Mommy brain!