Monday, August 20, 2012

day 1 of "school"

I have so many updates to post!

Fun adventures...

the park

the beach

Toddler weirdness...

practicing for next time it rains

enjoying a snack of plain whole wheat hamburger
buns and water. must be served on an old
cookie sheet.

playing "car" - one of many times on any
given day

But, it's going to have to wait because we're busy getting ready for Clara's first day of (half-day) preschool tomorrow!
I draw the line at labelling socks.


Lesley said...

Cute! Penelope loves umbrellas too, but can't figure out how to hold it-- she keeps letting go and trying to step out from underneath-- like she wants to see how it looks from outside??! :) I hope Clara enjoys preschool-- let us know how it goes!

Stephanie said...

Hope she has a wonderful first day! I love the picture of her eating off of a cookie sheet - so funny!

Elise said...

Good luck today!! The cookie sheet cracks me up! Can't wait to see all the updates!