Sunday, August 21, 2011

the changes ahead (and weekend pics)

THIS POST- is full of serious stuff.  Photos from the weekend are haphazardly inserted throughout, since I figured half my readers probably don't care about words and just want to see the cute girl :-)

who's at the door mommy?

oh hai grandma!

Scott and I have had sort of a strange marriage. Unexpectedly, from the very start, he ended up having to work nights and weekends. This lasted approximately 3.5 years, ending when he started staying home with Clara in May. I've so enjoyed us both being home every night since then, but times are a-changin' again starting tomorrow, when he starts a very intensive night school program for his master's in accounting.

It's so easy to take time for granted when you have plenty of it. The last few months have been downright leisurely, especially with Clara, the world's easiest baby. I'm glad we coasted along for this rare time in life when we could get away with it, playing UNO and making margaritas instead of getting our house ready to sell or otherwise being productive.  There's plenty of time for all that.

Of course, this change is nothing compared to what's ahead. Clara is almost 7 months old now. She'll be going to daycare this time next year. Scott will be starting a good 9-5 job. Once we have two incomes, I may be transitioning into something less stressful with better hours so I can spend more time with Clara. We'll have a new house, better equipped for visiting grandparents.

I love going to the park with doing anything with daddy

One thing that won't have changed is that we'll still be a three-person family unit. Clara is old enough now that people are constantly asking us when (not if) we'll give her a sibling. Due largely in part to finances, we're not going to. We're going to send her to a wonderful school that we couldn't afford for more than one child, and will only have to worry about saving for her college.

CRAZY SMILE (and you thought I left it in Destin...)

Though there is something about the thought of another baby that gives us the warm fuzzies, two things (other than finances) really drove home this plan for me:  1. We are so, so spoiled by what an easy baby Clara is and how simple it's been to integrate her into our life.  2. (Warning- this is sappy and sad) I don't want another baby. I am just mourning the loss of what we'll never have with Clara again. I miss being pregnant with Clara, not just being pregnant. I miss newborn Clara, not just any old newborn eating around the clock and crying inconsolibly at times.

sidenote:  obviously I need to work on living in the present :-)

mommy kind of has a crazy smile too when she's around me

FYI, the paper from the 70's about only children being spoiled and lonely has been thoroughly debunked.  And Clara would probably be spoiled no matter how many siblings she had. Ha ha.

pretty sure I broke the mold with this sweet face

Enough with the serious stuff...  Hope y'all had a relaxing weekend and have a great week ahead!


Littlest True Blue said...

Sometimes i get mad when other people consistently ask WHEN we are going to have a 2nd, like it is expected and we r terrible if we dont give A a sibling! That being said, I want 4 kids...but being financially realistic i'm thinking it will be more like two (but we also struggled with infertility! so who knows!) good luck with the upcominng changes! you guys will do great! Clara is a cutie!

Cindy/Mom said...

Clara is definitely one of a kind! Beautiful baby. Beautiful family.
--- cindy/mom

Ginger said...

we struggled with infertility, too, and it's wild how that experience colors your outlook even after you successfully conceive and birth a healthy baby.

Thanks about Clara being cute. Alexandra is a DOLL :-)

Darla said...

She is adorable! Just caught up on some of your posts.....

Samantha said...

I had no idead you had to deal with the IF monster also. Bleck!

1- what do you have in the swing with her? It looks so comfy!!!

2- "newborn eating around the clock and crying inconsolibly at times." When did you meet Truitt?!?!?! Hahahah

3- most importantly, moreso than what the world thinks, you're giving your sweet daughter everything and more that she needs by making these choices for your family and everyone can just deal with it.

(P.S. Crazy smile gets better in EVERY PICTURE!)

Ginger said...


Yes, it took 18 months and 6 months of drugs to conceive Clara. We were set for an IUI when I found out I was pregnant. So, we had it relatively easy as far as infertility goes, but it still sucked!

The pillow thing is a Huggabebe. Cushions them and helps them sit up sooner in swings, exersaucers, restaurant highchairs, etc. I got it from One Step Ahead and really like it. It would be good for T for a lot longer since he's not chubby like Clara is :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had no idea you had struggled with IF, too. I'm glad things worked out for you (obviously!) and am sorry you had to deal with that.

I love the paragraph that you wrote about mourning the loss of what you'll never have with Clara again. You said it much better than I could.

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

She is too cute!!!! Seriously. And I know the feeling of worrying about not having another easy baby. I had the same fear with B because M was sooooo good. I got lucky both times and now always say I'm not pushing my luck with a 3rd! LOL

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Big changes are sure underway. As for more....never say never. :-) Sisters are special.

Lesley said...

I feel exactly the same way about Penelope. i just can't imagine any other baby being as good. And if it's impossible t make another one this perfect, wouldn't it be unfair to BOTH of them to try? :) And I also miss her newbornness so so so much.

Sucks on the 18 months of ttc. It was 12 months for us, with 2 losses along the way, and yeah, it sucked. It definitely makes you less likely to want to go through it again!

Still, I think we'll try for another... mainly I am just so curious to see what else we can come up with!

And as always, Clara is gorgeous and she'll thank you for your amazing photo skills later (all my baby pictures are horrible-- and there aren't many of them. It kinda sucks. But before digital, i guess people didn't take that many.)

Kelly-Marie said...

So cute, and these are some gorgeous pictures!
x x x